Jack of all trades master of all?

Boo!! 👻👻
As much as I can appreciate the creativity that some people put into Halloween, and the effort it takes to pull off couple or friend group costumes I have never been that person. Lets put it this way, I’d be fibbing big time if I tried to say I didn’t dress up as bacon…. three years in a row 🙈

(2013 photo evidence) ……………………………………👇🏼

2013 Bacon suit

With that being said, all I was for Halloween this year was relaxed.. Nope, not even bacon; shocker right? 😅
As ya’ll that don’t know me yet will find out, and those that already know.. well, you know; I am a huge advocate of bodywork. The difference that regular bodywork treatments make in not only my day to day life but also my riding is incredible. I usually frequent a chiropractor and acupuncturist, as well as periodically receiving massage therapy. One of my biggest priorities when relocating to Texas was to find healers that worked for me and who would’ve thought that I would hit a grand slam on my first swing.

I was lucky enough to find Align Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Frisco and I can assure you I have no desire to explore any other options. Dr. James Nyugen has done a beautiful job at creating a program using a combination of chiro, acupuncture, soft tissue massage and fire cupping followed my microstim muscle stimulation that not only is extremely effective but is also at a very fair price.

Dr. James is a manual manipulator, which is only one of many different style of chiropractic that you can explore. Manual manipulators are what you think of when you think chiropractic (snap, crack, pop). I personally enjoy this method, but there are other options for those that are not as comfortable with that idea. A quick google search on the benefits of chiropractic medicine should sell you on the idea, or at least get you curious. (Hopefully curious enough to try at least once).

Looking for a chiropractor? I found Align through Yelp, but another great way to find a licensed DC near you is through the American Chiropractic Association. Click on the link to explore options in your area. 😊

Now get out there and start getting those body’s balanced!
With Love,
AA 💛


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