Let’s All Be More Like Paul

It feels like just yesterday I opened the email from my dad titled “possible deal” with an attachment to a Zillow link, and now suddenly I’m laying in bed in Moab ending the second day of my trip home to Oregon to begin that project.

We left early yesterday morning from Aubrey, Texas make our way to Albuquerque. On the way we had to stop a couple times to adjust tarps so we ended up arriving to our horses’ overnight location a little later than we had originally estimated.

When we arrived to Spur Stables, Paul the owner greeted us promptly at the gate and had beautiful safe and clean pens ready for us. He had 3 types of hay available to feed and kindly insisted we set out what we wanted fed so that we could grab breakfast in the morning instead of heading straight to the barn. This alone was so above and beyond for the rate we were being charged.

This morning we enjoyed an awesome breakfast on Nob Hill at Flying Star Cafe (which also had excellent service and accommodated each of our dietary restrictions). I had gluten free flapjacks with eggs and turkey sausage and Lexi had avocado toast.

But this is where the story gets good.. picture this, we are pulling up to the stable talking about what a great day this is turning out to be already, thank you card already in hand, and this is how we found Paul.

He was re tarping our haypod. At 8am. With his own tarp and ratchet straps. Because we had texted yesterday to let him know we were running behind due to tarp trouble. We almost cried. Seriously talk about being “extra”.

I think we could all be a little more like Paul. If you ever have a chance to overnight here with horses, definitely do. Either way I hope that at least once in their lives everyone gets a chance to experience this kind of kindness and hospitality somewhere.

“I never promise that I will succeed but I do promise that I will give my best effort, and with that often comes success.” -Paul

P.S. He did an excellent job, that tarp is going nowhere.

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