The Cost That I Forgot

The date is January 30th, 2018, the time is 3pm, location; First American Title Company. Setting; my dad and I participating in a courtesy signing on my very first home purchase!! I saw the home for the first time just that same morning, because I had only arrived in Oregon the day before, and was barely even unpacked.

Cigarette burned carpets.. mystery goo filled sinks, and “nuclear” toilets included, I bought it. As badly as I wanted to attatch all of the before photos to this post, a little suspense never killed anybody right.. 😉

All jokes aside, it’s a really sweet place with actually (for real) a lot of potential. Much of which has already been uncovered, thanks to the help of my dad! The house sits on roughly 4.5 acres just outside of Sisters, OR and is about 2,400 sq/ft. It also came with multiple outbuildings, a couple of which are useful, but also a couple that I can’t wait to see go.

Fast forward to today, three weeks later where I am sitting on the dining room floor writing this post where I’m going to recap a lot of what has been done since that signing day and now.

  • Pump House Demo
    • **Dump Run**
  • Yard Clean Up
    • **Dump Run**
  • First Outbuilding Demo
  • Back Deck/Handicapped Ramp Removal
    • **Dump Run**
  • Carpet/Padding/Tack Strip/Trim Removal
  • Linoleum Removal
    • **Dump Run**
  • Permits Purchased
    • Manufactured Home Placement, Electrical, Plumbing, Garage Demo
  • Pump and Well Maintenance/Replacement
  • New Pump House Construction
  • Living Room/Mud Room Wall Demo
  • 4th Bedroom Door Placement Change
  • 4th Bedroom Closet Addition
  • Wall Patching and Dry Wall

… get the point!

Back Deck/Handicapped Ramp                                     Which Have Now Been Removed

So about that forgotten cost.. When beginning the job my dad suggested that I put together a spreadsheet encompassing my scope of work, so that I could get a budget in mind. The part that has caught me the most off guard is how much money woud be spent on dump runs, in fact to begin with I didn’t even add it to my spreadsheet. Trust me it adds up fast!

Right now I am currently in the process of picking flooring and paint. My most important priority for that has been choosing colors that don’t bring out the wrong tones in my oak cabinets, because there are so many cabinets throughout the home I decided I would rather work around them than redo them completely.

Kitchen Cabinets

During the last couple days this week I am going to be testing a couple more paint samples for my smaller bathrooms and for the accent walls, then get everything ready for the painter once the colors are chosen. I fly out early Saturday morning for a mini vacation back to Texas with my mom! We are going to start our trip with watching the American at AT&T stadium in Dallas, on Sunday. We also plan to visit Magnolia Market, which I thought would be so fitting since I’m currently working on this project, and possibly Central Texas Pig Rescue.

I have been documenting most of the project on my Instagram story, and a walkthrough of the home and property is on my “highlights”. Check it out —-> @uhhpril

Hope everyone is staying warm!

xo April

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